What’s to say about Jeremy Eder?  I’m a proud father, loving husband, and I am addicted to speed.  Cars, computers, talking, thinking.  Bored when not at least triple-tasking.  I love my job, and deliberately surround myself with the best co-workers.  I notice all instances of missing Oxford commas.

I’m an engineer and Team Lead on the performance and scale team at Red Hat, and I work mostly on OpenShift (Red Hat’s distribution of Kubernetes).   Over the last 2 years I’ve been concentrating quite a bit on building a team to help us work on OpenShift.  We need more and more folks to load test, qualify, quantify, do capacity planning work and otherwise break software.


At the same time I have been spearheading efforts to run performance-sensitive applications on Kubernetes.  Some of those efforts are summarized here.

As with any team lead, a significant portion of my day-to-day is enabling my co-workers to do great things.  I do this by plowing the road, taking bullets and smiling all the way, because why-the-hell-not.

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For a long time at Red Hat it has been my job to specialize in measurement and analysis of performance metrics, and using that analysis to guide performance-tuning of real-world infrastructure.

These days I also mentor folks in the black arts of systems thinking.  I do this because I had great mentors along the way, without whom I would be nothing.  Systems thinking behavior has absolutely nothing to do with computers.  It just happens to also apply.

I’ve spent the majority of hands-on time in the financial services space, focusing on extreme low latency architecture design, tuning and jitter analysis. I’ve written lots of papers on the subject which you can find on my LinkedIn.

I try and contribute to whatever software I’m working on, whether that’s Kubernetes, docker, the Linux kernel or a variety of other open source projects, when things need to go fast.

For example, at the moment I participate in the Kubernetes Resource Management Working Group, sig-node and sig-scale because that’s where I can best lend a hand.


Along the way folks have occasionally let me know that I don’t suck.  For that I am eternally grateful.