Announcing Reliability Nightmares (the SRE coloring book)

“We often think of movements as starting with a call to action. But movement research suggests that they actually start with emotion — a diffuse dissatisfaction with the status quo and a broad sense that the current institutions and power structures of the society will not address the problem. This brewing discontent turns into a movement when a voice arises that provides a positive vision and a path forward that’s within the power of the crowd.” — Harvard Business Review

The idea behind SIG-SRE started just like that — with emotion, and knowledge that the status quo would not produce the outcomes that Red Hat needs, in the timeframe it needs them, to become competitive in the managed services business.

In addition to the fun video we created for the kickoff, the team has put together a coloring book to highlight how SREs think and how the practice of SRE impacts service using a Kitchen Nightmares restaurant analogy.

The coloring book talks about five principal aspects of SRE and provide a self-assessment scorecard for readers to evaluate themselves:

  • Observability
  • Safety and self-healing
  • Scalability
  • Shifting left
  • Zero downtime

Like other Red Hat coloring books, we’ll use it at trade shows in it’s printed form, marketing will do their thing, and as an internal tool for facilitating conversations around building operable software.

Have a look at let us know what you think. Feel free to use it at your company!

Click to access red-hat-sre-coloring-book.pdf

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